Let’s create connections

Hi there! My name is Raquel and I like to create new experiences.

Below, the skills, work & awesome projects that I have collaborated.

When I receive a new project I try to help to make things happen, taking into consideration all the elements that make the challenge possible.

It is very important to understand how to manage the changes. The first thing I usually do is to plan the research with a dynamic mindset and make the decisions based on what is most important to get the challenge done.

Service Design.

We can develop an experience unique to your brand. We’ll found the how do in an intuitively and interesting way you have to offer your services, this will strengthen your business and let you reach a greater solution.

User Experience.

Together we can discover how enhancing your users, by improving the usability, accessibility and the pleasure provided during the interaction between the user and your product.

User Interface.

I would like to help you to identify and regularize the style of your brand. Helping you to find the solution to make it self-explanatory and easy to use, also in a way that produces the desired result.

Last awesome projects.

Below some samples of my work, I try to have this page always updated.