About me

I’m passionate about experience design I like to conceive projects with creative ideas and visual aesthetics. It is my joy to take care of every detail from the first sketch to the final result.

«Do what you love and love what you do»

I’m UX / UI designer in continuous growth to provide my best. Living in the sunny Barcelona. After graduating with a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree in 2004 and a postgraduate degree in Web Project Management in 2012, recently I’ve studied an Executive Service Design Course. I worked in different multidisciplinary design companies, as a full-time designer and freelancer for more than 11 years. 

When not doing web design projects I like to be spending my time on one of my self-initiated projects, I feel passionate about lettering and calligraphy disciplines. Currently open to any interesting opportunity for collaboration and freelance, I’m willing to face new challenges.

Services that I can help you with.

Service Design.

I will develop a unique experience for your brand, finding how to offer your services in an intuitive and interesting way, this will strengthen your business and allow you to reach a better solution.

/  Discover

/  Design Thinking

/  Planning

/  Evaluate

User Experience.

Together we can discover how to increase your users, by improving usability, accessibility and also the pleasure that your service can provide during interaction with users.

/  User Research

/  Wireframe

/ Prototype

/ Test

Interface Design.

I would like to help you identify and regularize the style of your brand. Helping you find the solution so that it explains itself and is easy to use in a way that produces the desired result.

/  Brand identity

/  Typography

/  Style Guide

/  Color Palette