App SCT Mobility

Through the User Experience (UX) I was able to start working with real users, every time they are facing the product, they need to have the feeling that they are in control, and that they are recognizable and intuitive. Therefore we set these objectives: useful, valuable, desirable, easy to find, accessible, credible. To begin the usability part, it was divided into different levels:


• Understand. The immersion process to understand the product, its functionality, its target, to finally define objectives.

• Define. Through the design of prototypes and Costumer Journeys, which allowed to have a global vision, that reflects the final project.

• Design. Always focused on beauty, comfort and order.

• Validate. Through tests that make it see what really works.


In the Interface Design (UI) was also started from usability, building user-centred user interfaces. Each movement was designed thinking about what it contributes, the feeling of wellbeing and technology it generates. It was created with seamless transitions of fluid rhythms, to generate hypnosis and addiction every time that the user interacts with the solution.


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noviembre 21, 2014



Proyect type

UX/UI Design