Case study

The objective of the task starts by understanding why users experience problems updating their employee information.

As an HR manager using CakeHR, I occasionally have to update my employee’s details when their personal information changes or their job roles change. I’d like to do this as quickly and easily as possible, so I can continue with my other priority tasks.

Users often tell us that they struggle to locate information when they’re updating employee profiles on CakeHR by Sage.

Information is located across different tabs, and since it’s an infrequent task, they don’t recall where they can find each field. This means simple tasks such as updating information take a lot longer than they should.

What kinds of issues are there?

No difference between elements and tabs

All fields seem to be the same, have to spend a lot of time looking for the correct tab

No hierarchy of the elements

Different elements can be grouped by meaning or categories to make them easier to find.

All information about the employee’s profile is extended

The user says what they usually need to change is the personal information or the job roles.

Categories group the elements

The order of the elements is already grouped by categories.

The ideal solution should allow the user to find the information as quickly and easily as possible.

The information

The order of the elements is already grouped by categories. Let’s start trying to make small groups into those categories and order elements by hierarchy to make them easier to find.

Work details

All information relative to work and schedule, groups, directors, managers, etc.

Personal details

That information is about personal life also the address, age, nationality, family, etc.

Other details

The rest of the aspects that are useful to know for the company.

New profile page

At this point with all information in order and the classification is done is the moment to start with the new proposal, that includes:

Sort all the elements by the more or less relevant information.

Separate by priority the information to be updated regularly.

Design system
Create a design system to differentiate the types of information.