Branding and Web for Koalaboox

Koalaboox has been dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with financial software tailored to their specific needs. In pursuit of refining their overall business strategy to the requirements of potential users, the company embarked on a comprehensive project. Rather than just focusing on a website redesign, Koalaboox aimed to revamp its logo and other branding elements to enhance the effectiveness and quality score of its communication efforts.
The Goal
To achieve this, Koalaboox engaged in a series of co-creation meetings with various stakeholders within the company. These sessions were crucial for gaining insights into the diverse perspectives and requirements that needed consideration. The collaborative approach extended beyond the redesign process, encompassing the logo and other branding elements. Working closely with the marketing and IT teams was imperative to ensure seamless integration of the new design elements into the overall brand strategy.
After months of dedicated effort, Koalaboox successfully addressed all challenges posed by this multifaceted project. The result is a revamped website, a redesigned logo, and improved branding elements. These changes not only contribute to a visually appealing and modernized representation but also aim to elevate the performance and quality score of Koalaboox’s communication initiatives.
The collaborative and strategic approach undertaken by Koalaboox, involving key stakeholders and interdisciplinary teams, reflects a commitment to delivering a holistic and effective solution. This comprehensive redesign project not only meets the immediate goals of improving the website but also sets the stage for a more impactful and cohesive brand presence in the competitive landscape. Koalaboox can now proudly assert that the challenges were met successfully, marking a significant milestone in their ongoing commitment to providing exceptional financial software solutions.
During this transition period, I was very happy to be the head of design. Through cooperation with IT and marketing teams, we established a solid brand with a new logo, style guide and communication tone.

noviembre 17, 2020


Interaction Design, Product Design, Prototyping, Visual Design