UX Flow Features

Car comparator App: Usability test

After studying and doing the user’s research, we discovered that some actions were not clear in the previous application and that some users could not follow it. This user research gave us an opportunity to improve the UX process for the new app. The solutions that we found in the research process were very useful for the application. Make the process of comparing and discovering the differences or similarities in those cars an agile and easy-to-use action.
The requirements of this project were to renew the application of the car configurator to improve the configuration application within the web. Inside the configurator, we find the comparator of the car models and here we can see how was the process of creating this application.
Helping users navigate is a high priority for this application. Good navigation should feel like an invisible hand that guides the user along with the user’s travel needs. The process of work for this project was started with the creation of the use cases based on those requirements, as Task Flows.

octubre 24, 2018