Website for Hypekeys

The primary goal
Create a website dedicated to the management of tourist properties located in Barcelona. This indicates a focus on providing a platform that addresses the specific needs and challenges associated with the management of accommodations for tourists in this particular city.
A key requirement for the development of this website was the implementation of an unknown approach to managing and interacting with the owners of tourist homes in Barcelona. This suggests a departure from conventional methods and an intention to introduce innovative solutions for communication and collaboration between the platform and property owners.
This emphasis on a new way of managing and interacting was likely aimed at improving efficiency, transparency, and overall user experience for both property owners and platform users. By tailoring the website to the specific needs of managing tourist properties in Barcelona and introducing innovative management solutions, the project sought to provide a valuable and user-friendly resource for property owners and contribute to the overall success and sustainability of the tourist accommodation sector in the city.
Immersion phase
Some interviews were carried out where all the necessary information about the client, their product, their environment and their needs was collected. Some ideas were marked on how the new website should look: make it self-managing, special, unique and useful. The pages of the new site focus on solutions that solve the current problems that the client needs. The design was made through the WordPress platform and the creation of the interface design.

abril 5, 2017