Platform WebApp Redesign

Improving the User Experience

This redesign project deals with a web platform that most users use to create and send invoices. The result of this project was a web platform that provided users with an improved and more efficient experience. The redesign of the invoice editor and improved navigation between key pages contributed significantly to improving the usability of the web application. In summary, this web platform redesign project was an enriching experience. The importance of usability and user experience in the success of an application can be demonstrated. I am excited to present the results of this work to you and am confident that it will benefit both users and the platform.
The main tasks I tackled in this project can be summarized in two key points:
1. Design the layout and appearance of the editor.
2. Invoice Listing Page and Dashboard navigation.
To effectively approach the project, I started by breaking down the main task into smaller, more manageable tasks. This allowed me to have a clearer and more detailed vision of what I needed to achieve in the redesign.
-Invoice Editor Design
The first aspect I tackled was the redesign of the invoice editor. This is a fundamental component of the application, and the user experience when interacting with it was essential. I worked on creating a more intuitive and friendly interface, taking into account ease of use and efficiency.
-Improved Navigation
One of the main challenges was designing fluid navigation between the pages: the Dashboard and the Invoice List. It was crucial that users could switch between these two areas easily and clearly understand where they were at any given time.
-Collaboration and Evaluation
Throughout this process, I worked collaboratively with other team members to gather feedback and conduct ongoing evaluations. This allowed us to adjust and refine the design as we went along.



noviembre 18, 2019