Landing page for Consulting Group

At Xavis Associats, understands the intricate and often overwhelming world of labor and tax consulting. Their mission is to simplify this complexity for our clients and provide them with seamless, efficient, and stress-free experiences. In an era dominated by digital interactions, the online presence is a first impression. Their new landing page is not just a visual upgrade; it's a strategic move towards enhancing user experience and engagement....

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Enhancing UX Food experiences App

Heuristic evaluation of the user experience for the search process from the UX perspective. In the evolving landscape of brand-consumer interactions, technology plays a pivotal role, with customers increasingly engaging through various digital channels....

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Orange App

UX Design for Orange Phone Insurance

In partnership with Zurich Insurance, we diligently focused on enhancing the user experience for this innovative app, exclusively designed to cater to Orange phone services customers seeking insurance services. In this App, we will explore the UX design done for this innovative app that brings together the expertise of Zurich Insurance and the convenience of Orange phone services....

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Enhancing Customer experience Mobile App

Enhancing Customer Experience

The challenge was to improve the number of sells about ancillaries products (baggage and insurances) on a travel App, and to explore how to sell the maximum number of these products without compromising the customer experience....

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